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Rabbi Dr Samuel Landau

Rabbi Dr Samuel Landau is the Rabbi of Barnet United Synagogue and a clinical psychologist in the NHS and private practice. In partnership with his wife Shoshana, he was previously the Rabbi of Kingston, Surbiton and District Synagogue and the Landaus have held other community positions in the UK.

During a recent period of advanced study in Israel, Rabbi Landau taught in seminary and offered rabbinic support to a shul in Nachlaot, Jerusalem.

In his psychologist role, Rabbi Landau works in an NHS general hospital in Mental Health Liaison, focusing on the relationship between physical and mental health and the management of acute mood difficulties and distress. Rabbi Landau also has interests in mindfulness, meditation and spirituality, the interaction between psychological processes and Torah content and community-based initiatives for improving wellbeing. Rabbi Landau has published a number of articles across his areas of interest. He is also a keen cyclist.

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