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Barnet Community Cares

Barnet Synagogue prides itself on having a friendly and helpful community.  Chesed (Kindness to others) is an extremely important part of our ethos.  Barnet Community Cares is an active group of volunteers ready to help others within our community should the need arise and we are always seeking to identify new volunteers.

The type of help we give is as follows:

  1. visiting members of our community in hospital; providing assistance to attend hospital appointments and delivering shopping for those recently out of hospital;

  2. befriending members who are housebound;

  3. cooking or arranging meals for people sitting Shiva;

  4. giving advice on how to access other resource support; 

  5. identifying members who might previously have been independent but now need more support in light of changing circumstances.


We also arrange for many of the older members of our community to be visited personally with gifts on Yom Tov and on Purim.

We are also grateful to members of the youth in our community who help wherever possible, especially with hospital visits on Shabbat and Yom Tov.

This year Barnet Cares also became involved with cooking for the Barnet Shelter scheme for the homeless when a group of us invaded the Shul kitchen and concocted wholesome warming meals for the homeless of Barnet to help them through the snowy winter months. Further cooking schemes are in the pipeline and we are always looking for new recruits.

We try to help whenever it is possible and we have a dedicated helpline (07583 482 298) which is open 24/7 except on Shabbat and Yomtovim.

However, we are reliant on the support of our members and if you think you can help in any way to put a smile on the face of a member of the Community, or if we can help you or a member of your family, please contact

If you are interested in joining our team cooking for shivas, Shul events and next year's shelter scheme, please contact Stephanie at

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