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Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP)

Certificate of Religious Practice in 2019

For admissions into most Jewish schools, parents are required to present the school with a Certificate of Religious Practice form (CRP) or a Supplementary Information Form (SIF). The CRP confirms Synagogue attendance, over a required amount of dates, as stipulated on the form. The SIF confirms knowledge of the family’s religious observance by completion of a questionnaire by a Rabbi. Different Jewish schools use either CRP or SIF. The majority of schools use CRP. The form/s are available through each school’s website, or office, and we don’t provide you with the form(s).


To register for CRP, you first need to go to

If you need a SIF completed, please bring it to the Shul office and we will endeavour to get it completed by the Rabbi.

If the school you are applying to uses the CRP system, please see below.

CRP Registration

We shall be adopting a card system in 2019 for administration of the CRP (Certificate of Religious Practice). To be entered into the school card system you must register with the Shul office

Shul Attendance

When you enter the Shul on Shabbat you will be given a card. There will be a box that the token can be dropped into at a time announced during the service.

Please note that Shul attendance implies the family are attending a service in Shul, including children’s services, for a decent period of time. 


Each week your attendance will be entered into our system.

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